Most software has updates, improvements etc. to either enhance the user experience or implement security updates.

Here at Chillvision is no different.  From 22nd October 2015 V2009 will no longer attract the benefits afforded to newer versions.

Am I on an old version?

  • To check type /ctcp (yournickname) version in any channel or status window.
  • If you see «« CHILLVISION»»  ««  V2009 ….. you will have to do a manual update

So close Chillvision, and delete c:\chillvision c:\chilldown folders having backed up anything you need to save first.

Use CCleaner .Analyse, and Clear anything in the recycle bin.

Download the new version of Chillvision script from here

Reboot your PC

Run the Chillvision installation file as administrator and ensure all antivirus apps are switched off during the installation.  You may also need to delete mIRC.exe from firewall exceptions and add back from c:\chillvision\mIRC.exe

** Newer versions on Microsoft OS may show errors on the installation.  If this occurs, right click ChillVisionFinal.exe, Select Properties, Compatibility – select Windows XP Service Pack 3 and apply.

Connect, and run the setup using existing nickname and password.

Thank you for your understanding.